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May 2017

Year 2 have been learning about the Great Fire of London in 1666. All the children made model houses and then we carefully recreated the fire. The children were amazed how  quickly the fire spread on a warm and windy day. We now understand how the fire spread and what it might have been like for the people of the time.

Letchworth Free Church Christmas Tree Festival - December 2016

This year we took part in the Christmas Tree Festival at the Free Church which helped to raise money for the Garden House Hospice and the church fund. The children made Christmas squirrel decorations and the school council chose a selection to decorate the tree.

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Christmas Enterprise Week - December 2016

The children had great fun during our design and technology week designing and making Christmas decorations. The children finished the project by selling their decorations after school in the hall.



Roald Dahl Week - October 2016

We celebrated the 100th year birthday of Roald Dahl. Each class chose their favourite story and enjoyed taking part in lots of different activities. We finished off the week with a dress up day. Everyone came dressed as a character from their favourite story and we had lots of fun.

Harvest festival

The children collected items for donation to the local food bank and had fun designing a box to contain their donations.

Learning about the Great Fire of London

Year 2 children enjoyed recreating their own fire with models they designed and constructed.

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