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Nursery - Wrens

Welcome to Wren class. Your teacher is Mrs Edwards and she is supported by Mrs Davis, Miss Brown, Mrs Lanni and Mrs Sharp. Mrs Arnott teaches the nursery on Thursday whilst Mrs Edwards undertakes other responsibilities in the school. Mrs Matthews will also support in the nursery on some afternoons.

In Wren class we have lots of fun learning through play using a wide range of toys and equipment. Children are encouraged to be creative in the craft and construction areas where they can select their own resources. There is a role play area both inside and outside for the children to explore. There is always access to sand, water and play dough to help develop understanding of textures and capacity, while also developing fine motor skills. we have a new quiet area where the children can go if they just need some quiet time.

Our nursery has daily access to a lovely outside space where the children can focus on gardening skills and develop their understanding of living things. There is also a larger outside space for riding our bikes and scooters, a sand kitchen for getting messy, a water trail and a climbing frame.

We follow the interests of all the children when planning our activities. Twice a session children join their key worker groups to explore an activity and develop their phonic and maths skills.


What we will learn this year

We will add curriculum planning for each half term to the information below to help you understand what your child will be learning in school.

Please encourage your children to bring a small souvenir from their holiday, like a shell, a photo, a post card that they may like to talk about and share with their new friends.  
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