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Welcome to Reception - Robins!


Your teacher is called Miss O'Shea. She is supported by Mrs West and Miss Shurmer Elliott who are teaching assistants.

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Parents comments welcomed regarding home learning and achievements

Please share news of achievements and progress at home with school staff, ask for a "Did you know" form to complete so we can add to your child's Learning Journal. You are welcome to look through your child's Journal regularly, please ask a member of staff to share this with you and look out for our open events.


This week we have been busy finding out more about ourselves and our families. The children have painted lovely portraits of themselves and talked about the things they enjoy doing. We have also been reading and retelling the story 'Peace and Last' by Jill Murphy. For phonics this week we have learnt the phonemes i, n, m and d. You can support your child at home to spot these in words and practise sounding out simple words for them to blend.

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We have had a great week with the children being in school full time! They have enjoyed lots of painting and finding out about themselves and their families. We have also been busy making some yummy snacks like flapjack and tasting different fruits and vegetables for snack! The children have been working hard in phonics and have learnt four new phonemes; s, a, t and p! You can support your child at home by spotting these letters in the world around them, for example, in books, on labels and on signs.


Story of the week

This week we have been enjoying the story 'So Much' by Trish Cooke. It is a story about family and celebration. Ask your child if they can remember any of the characters and what happens in the story.


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03/09/2018 Story of the week

This week we will be exploring the story 'A Splendid Friend Indeed' by the author Suzanne Bloom. This story follows the unlikely friendship between a duck and a polar bear!

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Your new classroom

We are very excited about getting to know all the new children this September. Here are some pictures of the classroom to share with your child in preparation for the start of the school term.

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Curriculum planning for the half term
Please read the information below to find out what our main topics and learning focus will be for each half-term.
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