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Your teacher is called Miss Farr. She is supported by Mrs De Nooijer, Miss Fowler and Miss Perry who are teaching assistants.

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Curriculum planning for the half term
Please read the information below to find out what our main topics and learning focus will be for each half-term.
Class weekly newsletter
Picture 1 Thank you for an amazing year everybody!

End of year expectations

We would like to thank everyone who attended our workshop about end of year expectations for Reception. Below are links to the exemplification materials and the early learning goals which we discussed. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask a member of the Reception team.

We focus on a different book each week - these will be added to the website so you can see what we have been learning!
How to help your child with early reading

Sounds of the English Phonic Code

Tami Reis-Frankfort, reading specialist and trainer, demonstrates how to pronounce the sounds of the English Phonic Code, when teaching children to read with Synthetic Phonics.

The Number Four

Need to count the legs on a chair, the seasons in the year, or the leaves on a lucky clover? Never fear, the number 4 is here!

Our classroom

Here are some pictures of our classroom. You can look at these together and talk about the different areas that they have been using over the week, remember to look at the weekly newsletters and overviews for more information about our learning.

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