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What does your child learn at school each day? Find information about our foundation stage (nursery and reception) and key stage 1  (year 1 and 2) curriculum and how we teach each subject here.
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How can I support my child's reading? (All year groups)

At Hillshott School one of the ways we teach children to read is through a synthetic phonics approach. The children learn their alphabetic code and they learn the sound (phoneme) that each letter or groups of letters make. Children then combine those sounds to make a word. This is called blending. Children also learn to do this in reverse, so they hear a sound and break up the word into individual sounds (phonemes), this is called segmenting. This helps with spelling too.

We need your help to support your child with these skills whilst you are reading with them, practising spellings or helping with any phonics work that has been sent home. On our website there is information to support you and explain the best ways to help your child. There is a leaflet called Helping Your Child Read at Home and we have added a link to the Oxford Owl Website- This is a free website with lots of very useful resources to help your child to read. There are e-books for them to read, games to play and “how to” videos. Please can we draw your attention to the phonics made easy section and the “say the sounds” audio. This has audio clips to show you how to pronounce the sounds for each phoneme.

Hopefully this will help you to support your child with their reading. If you have any questions about reading or phonics please talk to your child’s class teacher, or Mrs Phillips (our Reading Recovery Teacher) is around most days after school.

Please look at this site for information on how to support your child
Information about the curriculum, including each subject, at Hillshott School
Please click on the link below to find out more about the curriculum.

Nurture group

The school funds a daily nurture group to support children who may at times need additional focussed help in school. Please read the information below to find out more about this group.

Reading and writing focus groups

The school offers focussed support groups to allow children to make accelerated progress in specific identified areas of their reading and writing. This support may be offered to children in year 1 and 2 at different times of the year and is run by our trained reading recovery teacher, Mrs Phillips. If your child is chosen for this additional support you will be contacted and given further information about the work being done with them, so that you can be part of the process.

Class learning information

If you want to find out what your child is learning this half term in their class please click on the appropriate class listed below to link with your child's class page.

There is information about each subject and what the themes, visits and topics will be for the half-term.

The class pages also show the class newsletter, work, displays, photos and other information relating specifically to each class.