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The Speech & Language Base

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The Speech and Language Base (SLB) provides support and intervention programs for up to ten children identified as having a speech and/or language and communication need. The aim of the SLB is to meet the individual needs of the children so they can access the mainstream curriculum and the social opportunities offered within the wider school.


The SLB is managed by a specialist teacher, teaching assistants and NHS speech and language therapists. This provides an environment which enables small group learning and direct intervention alongside and/or in addition to regular classroom learning. Collaboration between the teacher, specialist teacher and therapist, ensures that appropriate speech, language, communication and learning objectives and opportunities are identified for each individual child.


Can I visit the SLB?

We welcome visits from parents/carers, students, a range of professionals e.g. Early Years practitioners, class teachers, advisory teachers and those just generally interested.


Whilst we welcome visits to the SLB, please be aware that places are only offered to children with an Education Health Care Plan (EHCP) which identifies speech, language and communication as a primary need. Places are agreed through provision panel.


In some instances, the SLB teacher will have capacity to visit other local settings to offer advice, share good practice or support with continual professional development with regards to SLCN (speech, language, communication needs).

For more information please email:


What will it be like?

The SLB is an integral part of the whole school. Hillshott is like lots of other infant schools in the local area.


What do the children do?

The children do the same kind of work as other children of their age. This includes the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum for some children and then the National Curriculum for others. The speech and language therapists work alongside teachers and teaching assistants on curriculum activities as well as on more specifically structured speech and language work. Much of the work takes place in the child’s classroom and we also have some dedicated quiet rooms for smaller groups or individual work.

Children join in all aspects of school life along with everyone else. This includes all routine day-to-day activities such as assemblies, lunch/playtimes, trips, after-school clubs and any special events.


How long do children stay?

Children stay for various lengths of time and can leave at any time – it’s all dependent on the child’s individual needs and progress. Hillshott is an infant school so all children will move onto a new provision at the end of Year 2.