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The Speech & Language Base

The Speech and Language unit is currently mothballed by Hertfordshire County Council

Below details are for information only


The Speech and Language Base is an integrated, specialist provision for up to ten children with an EHCP who have been identified as having a speech and/or language and communication need.

The aim of the Base is to meet the individual needs of these children so they can access the mainstream curriculum and social opportunities within the wider school.

The Base children are supported by our specialist teaching assistant and NHS speech and language therapists. We offer a linguistically-modified environment which enables small group learning and direct intervention alongside and/or in addition to regular classroom learning. Collaboration between these staff members ensure that appropriate objectives are identified, monitored and reviewed for each child within the Base.


Can I visit the Speech and Language Base?

We offer visits for parents and pupils with an EHCP if it has been agreed at the provision panel that they meet the criteria for a Speech and Language Base. Please contact the school office for further information.


What do the children do?

The children will spend most of their time in class and do the same work as other children of their age. They will sometimes be supported by a specialist teaching assistant and spend time in the Base for activities such as speech therapy and other 1:1 or small group work as listed in their EHCP.


The speech and language therapists work alongside teachers to support and develop curriculum vocabulary as well as delivering structured speech and language work. They provide training to our specialist teaching assistant so that individual programmes can be implemented throughout the week.


Children in the Base join in all aspects of school life. This includes all routine day-to-day activities such as assemblies, lunch/playtimes, trips, after-school clubs and any special events.


How long do children stay?

Children in the Base can stay for various lengths of time and leave at any time – it’s all dependent on the child’s individual needs and progress and will be discussed as part of the EHCP annual review. As Hillshott is only an Infant school, all children will move onto a new provision at the end of Year 2.