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Reception - Swifts

Welcome to Reception - Swifts!


Welcome to Swift class! We are very excited to learn and play with you this year. 

Meet our team


Mrs Farr is the Swift class teacher, on a Wednesday Mrs Rankin teaches the Swift class for half a day so that Mrs Farr can prepare resources and plan lessons. Miss Gibson, Miss Moore and Miss Croucher are teaching assistants who all help in the Swift class.

Parent messages


We would really like to make our home corner feel cosy and special for the children. To do this, we would love it if you could bring in a family photo for us to add to our classroom display!

What are we learning about?


This half term, our topic is 'All about me'. We will be talking about our bodies, how we are similar and different as well as our families and home lives. For more information about our topic, please view our Autumn 1 termly overview below.


In phonics lessons, we will be following the 'Letters and Sounds' scheme of work. We will be recapping the skills learnt in phase 1 and beginning to learn the phonemes (sounds) and graphemes (written representations) in phase 2. For more information about phase 2 phonics, please visit the link at the bottom of this section.


In maths lessons, we will be exploring numbers to ten through counting and estimating. The children will be using a variety of resources to find quantities, match numerals and estimate how many they have.


Phonics link:


A day in Reception


Please encourage your child to become independent with taking their shoes, coats and jumpers on and off and placing these in a safe place.


To begin our day, the children will come into the classroom and find their name card and place it inside a post-box to show they have arrived at school for the day. They will then need to find another name card which will be placed next to a busy-finger activity. These activities are designed to help develop fine motor strength which is important for good pencil grip and control. Next the children take part in a whole class phonics session followed by a child initiated learning time. The children then have another whole class literacy session which will focus on a different story each week. During the lunch hour, the children will be supported by mid-day supervisors and encouraged to make healthy choices. After lunch, the children come back to the classroom for a whole class maths session followed by another child initiated learning time. At the end of each day, we share a story or talk about our topic before getting ready for home.



Your child will have an online learning journal through the Tapestry app. For guidance on how to use the app, please speak to Miss O'Shea, who can support you with: signing up, viewing observations and uploading observations from home. We would love for parents to contribute to the journals by uploading learning achievements from home! This could be from a club, new experiences or a skill that has been mastered at home!