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Your teacher is called Miss O'Shea. She is supported by Mrs West and Miss Shurmer Elliott who are teaching assistants.

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Parents comments welcomed regarding home learning and achievements

Please share news of achievements and progress at home with school staff, ask for a "Did you know" form to complete so we can add to your child's Learning Journal. You are welcome to look through your child's Journal regularly, please ask a member of staff to share this with you and look out for our open events.

Summer 2

This half term we will be focussing on the topic journeys and travelling. To kick off our learning we will be travelling to Standalone Farm on Monday 3rd June. We will also explore traveling to different places in the UK, different countries and even space! As part of this topic we will also be talking about transition and the children's move up to Year One. We will visit the Year One classrooms, meet the teachers and support staff as well as begin joining in with some of the routines such as attending assemblies every day.
We are also very excited because our new class pets will be arriving this half term! The children have decided to adopt three guinea pigs and will be deciding on their names very soon.

Summer 1

This half term we will be exploring the topic of animals. The children we find out about different animals, their habitats and how best to care for them. We will also research a good animal to have as a class pet.
This is going to be a busy half term! We will be starting trampolining lessons every Thursday morning and rugby lessons every Tuesday morning. We will also be starting our Generations Together project where we will be visiting a local residential facility where we will meet some of the older generation.


Spring 2

This half term our topic is 'How does your garden grow?'. Within this topic we will look at growth, changes and decay in the natural world through stories such as The Tiny Seed and The Very Hungry Caterpillar. We are also looking forward to sowing our own seeds and growing some fruits and veg in our allotment patch in the Reception playground. 


Week beginning 4/3/19

We had a very exciting week with lots going on! On Tuesday the children took part in pancake day races within their classes and then we had a whole school pancake race! On Wednesday we had a whole school maths day and the children went around the school exploring a variety of maths activities with different teachers. On Thursday it was World Book Day and the children looked amazing in all their creative Mr Men and Little Miss character costumes. On Friday we had a bit more of a relaxed day and enjoyed a lovely afternoon with the families who visited for Family Friday. 


Week beginning 25.2.19

Welcome back to school after the half-term break! This week we will be holding parents consultation evenings on Tuesday and Thursday so if you haven't already done so, please sign up for a time slot. This week we will be learning about the story Goldilocks and the three bears and other traditional tales. The children will be looking at sizes, capacity and units of measure in maths. In literacy they will be using their phonic knowledge to write sentences and stories based on the Goldilocks story. 



Spring 1

This half term we will be exploring the topic 'Into the Woods'. We will start the term with the story 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt' and continue by asking the children which woodland stories they would like to share. The children have shown an interest in woodland animals and dinosaurs, these themes will also be included as part of our topic this half term. 

Week beginning 11.2.19

This week we have begun reading and retelling the traditional tale Little Red Riding Hood. The children have enjoyed changing the ending of the story and acting it out using costumes and props. 

In maths lessons we have been exploring the concept of addition in simple ways by counting two groups of objects, making up number stories and playing board games. 

We are still creating our fairy garden and would love any plants, bulbs and seeds to help us decorate the area. 


Week beginning 4.2.19

This week we have continued reading The Gruffalo and we also began reading The Gruffalo's Child. The children have enjoyed retelling these stories using different voices for the different characters and have also made masks to act out the stories in the role play area. 
This week we have begun creating a fairy garden in our outdoor area and we would love any donations to help us. Some plants, bulbs, bird houses or doll house furniture would be great resources to attract some fairies into the garden! 


Week beginning 28.1.19

We had a great time visiting the Howard Gardens and park this week. The snow made the small wooded area an amazing place to build snowmen, make tracks and trails and have a snowball fight! We also learnt about the plants that are growing there and found some crocuses sprouting. The children have told us they would like to go back when the weather is warmer so they can see some more plants and animals. 

Week beginning 21.1.19

This week we have moved on to looking at the story 'The Gruffalo'. Lots of the children are already familiar with this story and they have enjoyed retelling it to the adults! We will be creating story maps and acting out the story as well as creating our own versions. 

In maths we have continued to learn about addition using simple quantities. The children have explored adding different objects and creating number sentences using the addition symbol. 


Don't forget to return your child's lunch choice form for our trip to Howard gardens next week! :) 

Week beginning 7.1.19 and 14.1.19

Over the last two weeks we have been sharing the story 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt'. The children have enjoyed creating story maps, acting out the story and thinking about the characters' thoughts and feelings. The children in Reception have decided they would really like to go on their own bear hunt so we have begun organising a trip to a local woodland. 


Autumn 2

This half term our topic will be 'Celebrations'. We will be exploring a variety of special celebrations including Bonfire night, Diwali and of course Christmas! If you have any photos of your family celebrating a special event, we would love to put them on our display in the classroom. 


We are so excited for our first Family Friday session this week! Below is more information about our new weekly event and a timetable for you to see when each class are inviting their family members into school. 

Thank you to all who attended our parent phonics workshop. Below is a link to the youtube video showing how we teach the children to pronounce the phonemes we teach. We have also uploaded the powerpoint presentation we used for the meeting. Feel free to come and ask a member of staff if you would like any more help and support! 



This week we have been exploring the story of Guy Fawkes and his plot to blow up the houses of Parliament. The children have had fun making firework pictures, models and descriptive sentences this week. Here is some of our fantastic art work :) 

Autumn 1


This week we have been busy finding out more about ourselves and our families. The children have painted lovely portraits of themselves and talked about the things they enjoy doing. We have also been reading and retelling the story 'Peace and Last' by Jill Murphy. For phonics this week we have learnt the phonemes i, n, m and d. You can support your child at home to spot these in words and practise sounding out simple words for them to blend.

Picture 1


We have had a great week with the children being in school full time! They have enjoyed lots of painting and finding out about themselves and their families. We have also been busy making some yummy snacks like flapjack and tasting different fruits and vegetables for snack! The children have been working hard in phonics and have learnt four new phonemes; s, a, t and p! You can support your child at home by spotting these letters in the world around them, for example, in books, on labels and on signs.


Story of the week

This week we have been enjoying the story 'So Much' by Trish Cooke. It is a story about family and celebration. Ask your child if they can remember any of the characters and what happens in the story.


Picture 1

03/09/2018 Story of the week

This week we will be exploring the story 'A Splendid Friend Indeed' by the author Suzanne Bloom. This story follows the unlikely friendship between a duck and a polar bear!

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Your new classroom

We are very excited about getting to know all the new children this September. Here are some pictures of the classroom to share with your child in preparation for the start of the school term.

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Curriculum planning for the half term
Please read the information below to find out what our main topics and learning focus will be for each half-term.
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