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We miss you all, please continue staying safe!

We miss you all, please continue staying safe!  1

Meet our Nursery team.

Mrs Pring and Mrs Rankin are our teachers. They are supported by Mrs Davis, Miss Brown and Mrs Lanni. Mrs Pring teaches us on Monday. Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday and Mrs Rankin teaches us on a Thursday. 


Mrs Rankin            Miss Brown             Mrs Pring                    Mrs Davis            Mrs Lanni

Parent messages

Please ensure you drop your child at the 2m marker by the entrance to Nursery and do not accompany your child into the cloakroom. This will help with their transition into Reception where children are expected to be more independent in their self help skills.

What are we learning in Nursery?

Our topic this half term is 'Animal Antics'


We will learning all about animals from around the world. We will be learning about woodland animals, farm animals, African animals, jungle animals and animals that live in the sea.  


For more information on our learning this half term please download our Summer 2 'Animal antics' topic map. 

In phonics we will be following the 'Letters and Sounds' scheme of work. We will be recapping Phase 1.  In this phase we will be exploring the sounds in the world around us. During this half term we will explore Aspect 7: Blending and Segmenting 


If you would like to do Phase 1 Aspect 7 activities at home then download the document below for some amazing ideas! 

Home Learning

Every day Mrs Pring will send home 2 activities to complete at home through Tapestry. At the beginning of the week, I will ensure that you know what our 'book of the week' is so you can look at this with your child as well. The activities that are sent home will directly mirror the activities being completed in school.


Use the websites below to help your child with their home learning.

For lots of great ideas, games and practical activities in all areas of learning (including e-books) 

For phonics games (they have a free login which will be valid for a short period of time)

For phonics games

For activities and games

For games and stories

For a range of games and activities



The Nursery Day

Please encourage your child to be independent by allowing them take off their own coat and put it on their peg and put their book bag in the book bag box. 


When children come in at 8:30am or 12:10pm they self register into the happy or sad box depending on how they are feeling. They then go to the 'busy finger' activities on the table. These activities develop their finger strength so they are ready for writing!


We then do a whole class welcome on the carpet where we do the register, look at the routine for the day and discuss the date and weather.


We then go into our small group work. These activities could be literacy, maths, art, or understanding the world based but are always practical and fun. On a Thursday we do 'Jigsaw Jenie' which is 'Personal, Social, Heath Education' scheme that is taught across the school and on a Friday we do P.E.


We then have our 'Child Initiated Learning' 'Learn through Play' time where we get the explore the indoor and outdoor learning environment. Our play is guided by the teacher and teaching assistants who support us in achieving our next steps. 


We then come back to the carpet for a whole class phonics session and story time. 


Family Fridays


We will not be holding 'Family Fridays' this half term. These will hopefully continue once your child is in Reception


Your child will have an online learning journal through the Tapestry app. For guidence of how to use this app please speak to Mrs Pring who can support you with: signing up, viewing observations and uploading observations from home. 


We would love for parents to contribute to the journals by uploading learning achievements from home! This could be from a club (swimming, gymnastics, dance, martial arts etc) new experiences like visiting a farm or going on holiday or a new skill that has been mastered at home! 

Termly Nursery Funding Parent Declaration Forms

Please come to the school office at the beginning of each term to update the parent declaration form so the school can claim necessary nursery funding. This will also allow the school to ensure eligibility for 30 hours funding is kept up to date.