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Nursery - Wrens

September 2021 - New Nursery Family Presentation

The Nursery Team


Mrs Rankin is the Nursery teacher on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and Mrs Pring is the Nursery teacher on a Monday and Friday. They are supported by Mrs Davis, Miss Brown and Mrs Lanni. 




Our Termly Overview

Our Weekly Overview

For the next 2 weeks we will be learning about bugs! We will be using 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' as our story of the week. We will be sorting healthy and unhealthy food, ordering food by size, making caterpillar and butterfly pictures, threading butterfly cards and learning about the life cycle of a caterpillar.


Alongside our book theme we will also be doing lots of transition activities. Our role play area has now turned into a 'classroom' with pictures of our new teachers in, a visual timetable, registers and flashcards. We will be using our circle time to talk about our worries and things we're excited about when going to Reception. 


In Phonics we will be focusing on our blending and segmenting skills. We will be consolidating the sounds we have already learnt s,a,t,p,i,n,m,d,g,o,c,k,e,u,r,h, b, f and l.  If you would like to complete some blending and segmenting activities with your child at home then you can download the document below. 


This half term we will start to think about school readiness. There are some things you can do at home to help your child prepare to start Reception in September:


  • Help them with their self care skills - go to the toilet, wash their own hands, tell an adult when they need help. 
  • Help them with their independence  - get dressed from their school uniform to their PE kit on their own, take off their own shoes and put them back on again, take off their own jumper, cardigan or coat and put it back on again and eat using cutlery unaided. 
  • Practice conversation - Giving your child time to talk  and also having time when they have to listen teaches vital speaking and listening skills. You could take turns to talk about the best part of your day during dinner. Can they ask questions to find out more? Can they remember their sibling’s favourite part of the day?
  • Play turn taking games - use the language of sharing when doing this 'whose turn is it next?' could play catch, snakes and ladders etc
  • Recognise and write their own name 
  • Talk about what is happening in stories - when reading together talk about what is happening in the story, what they think will happen next, make up an alternative ending. 
  • Talk about shapes you can see around you. When walking to Nursery look out for different shapes you can see such as rectangle windows. 
  • Practicing counting to 10 and recognise these numbers. 


Sponsored Marathon - 14.5.21

Our Learning

Parent Messages


Please ensure you drop your child at the 2m marker by the entrance to Nursery and do not accompany your child into the cloakroom. This has helped them to settle into school. In Wrens class we encourage the children to be as independent as possible so please dress your children in a way that supports this eg. velcro instead of laces. Thank you.


The children will also be learning to get changed for P.E. this term, so please ensure they have their full P.E. kit in school.

Our Learning Environment

The Nursery Day


When children come in at 8:45am or 12:15pm, then hang their coat and bag on their peg. We then do a whole class welcome on the carpet where we do the register, look at the routine for the day and discuss the date and weather.


We then introduce a small group activity which could be from any area of the curriculum and they are always practical and fun. On Thursdays we do 'Jigsaw Jenie' which is PSHE scheme that is taught across the school and on Fridays we do P.E.


We then have some time to make our learning choices; this is where we learn through play in both the indoor and outdoor environment. Our teacher and teaching assistants join in with our play to extend our learning and to challenge us.


We then come back to the carpet for a whole class snack and story time before enjoying some more play-based learning. We are then taught some phonics before we go home.



Your child will have an online learning journal through the Tapestry app. For guidance of how to use this app please speak to Mrs Mountney who can support you with: signing up, viewing observations and uploading observations from home. 


We would love for parents to contribute to the journals by uploading learning achievements from home! This could be from a club (swimming, gymnastics, dance, martial arts etc) new experiences like visiting a farm or going on holiday or a new skill that has been mastered at home! 

Termly Nursery Funding Parent Declaration Forms

Please come to the school office at the beginning of each term to update the parent declaration form so the school can claim necessary nursery funding. This will also allow the school to ensure eligibility for 30 hours funding is kept up to date.