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Nursery - Wrens

The Nursery Team


Mrs Maw is the Nursery teacher and she is supported by Mrs Davis, Miss Brown and Mrs Lanni. 


Parent messages


Please ensure you drop your child at the 2m marker by the entrance to Nursery and do not accompany your child into the cloakroom. This has helped them to settle into school. In Wren class we encourage the children to be as independent as possible so please dress your children in a way that supports this eg. velcro instead of laces

The Nursery Day


When children come in at 8:45am or 12:15pm they self register into the happy or sad box depending on how they are feeling. We then do a whole class welcome on the carpet where we do the register, look at the routine for the day and discuss the date and weather.


We then go into our phonics session which is short and very interactive and then into small group work. These activities could be literacy, maths, art, or understanding the world based but are always practical and fun. On a Tuesday we do 'Jigsaw Jenie' which is 'Personal, Social, Heath Education' scheme that is taught across the school and on a Friday we do P.E.


We then make our 'learning choices', this is where we do our learning through play, we can explore the indoor and outdoor learning environment. Our teacher and teaching assistants join in with our play to extend our learning and to challenge us.


We then come back to the carpet for a whole class snack and story time. 






Your child will have an online learning journal through the Tapestry app. For guidance of how to use this app please speak to Mrs Mountney who can support you with: signing up, viewing observations and uploading observations from home. 


We would love for parents to contribute to the journals by uploading learning achievements from home! This could be from a club (swimming, gymnastics, dance, martial arts etc) new experiences like visiting a farm or going on holiday or a new skill that has been mastered at home! 

What we are learning


Our topic this half term is 'all about me'. We are thinking about ourselves and how we feel. and what makes us special and unique. we will also be exploring the nursery environment and learning how to use the areas and resources independently.


In phonics we follow the 'Letters and Sounds' program and use the 'Jolly Phonics' songs to support our learning of the sounds. This half term we are focusing on phase one- this develops the children's listening skills and ability to tune into the sounds in words. This phase allows the children to go on to confidently begin learning the sounds and start to read and spell


In maths we are focusing on a number a week. This is allowing us to develop a really firm understanding of numbers and what they represent as well as how to accurately count

Communication and Language

Role play themes

Understanding the World

We will be using our ‘Book of the Week’ to practice our listening skills. We will be listening to the story sometimes as a whole class and sometimes in a small group where we will start to join in with some of the noises or words in the story. We will start to answer questions about the picture in the book such as ‘who’s jumping?’ or ‘what animal is that?’ We will be reading the following rhyming books: ‘Goat goes to playgroup’, ‘Peace at last, ‘My Monster and me’, ‘Starting school’ and ‘Giraffes can’t dance’ During our play adults will help us to use full sentences when talking and model how to use word endings such as ‘going’ rather than ‘go’.

We have a ‘home corner’ in our Nursery classroom. We will be using this area to role play activities from home including, making food and drink in the kitchen, dressing and caring for the babies and changing into the different work clothes.

We will be using the home corner to talk about our family and who is special to us and will refer to the photos that were taken of us with our grownups during our stay and play sessions. We will start to recognise our friends in Nursery and include them in our play using their name.  We will be talking about how we are the same and different from other people based on our own experiences such as what we like to eat. We are going to be playing with toys such as toy cars, trains, animals and people and talk about what happens as we play with them. We will be talking about what we can see when we play outside, such as splashing in puddles or digging in the mud

PSE and British Values


Autumn 1 2019

Time to Rhyme!




We will be using the school wide Jigsaw themes to talk about what makes us unique. This half term’s unit is called ‘Being me in my world’. We will be modelling to children social skills during their play and learning how to share.

 We will count out a number of given objects (from 1-10) and recite numbers up to 10 in order. We will use shapes to make pictures of the our homes and use the words ‘big’ and ‘small’ to describe the size of the different animals in the story ‘goat goes to playgroup.

Expressive Arts and Design


We will be exploring the different art resources in the classroom. We will be using the paint to decorate wren birds to display on our class board. We will be exploring how to use resources such as scissors, developing our fine motor skills and hand, eye co-ordination’. We will be exploring the instruments in our phonics sessions and will start dancing in response to music. We will be singing lots of different Nursery rhymes as a class

We will be following the ‘Letters and Sounds’ framework and this half term we will be focusing on ‘Phase 1 Aspect 1 – ‘environmental sounds’ Phase 1 Aspect 2 ‘instrumental sounds’ and Phase 1 Aspect 3 – ‘body percussion’. During these sessions we will be exploring the different sounds we can hear in our environment (aeroplane, people speaking, birds etc), exploring the different sounds instruments make and see what sounds we can make with our body (clapping, patting etc).


Home – School Learning

Physical Development

We will be taught how to use the interactive whiteboard and explore different ways of making marks using the special pens and taught how to play some of the games on the board.


This half term we would like children to practise self-care skills such as going to the toilet independently and changing their shoes.  We would also like children to sing lots of Nursery rhymes at home.

Each morning we will choose from a range of activities in the classroom to help improve our fine motor skills. We will be taking part in a movement session in our classroom. We will be focusing on following instructions.


Termly Nursery Funding Parent Declaration Forms

Please come to the school office at the beginning of each term to update the parent declaration form so the school can claim necessary nursery funding. This will also allow the school to ensure eligibility for 30 hours funding is kept up to date.