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Values and Ethos

Hillshott Infant School and Nursery

Values and Ethos Statement


We aim to make Hillshott school a place where children are valued, respected and learn to love the process of learning in order to achieve their full potential.


  • We welcome children from all faiths, and none, and all families. We respect and value children as unique individuals and aim to develop independent and confident girls and boys who enjoy learning.
  • We carefully design topics that allow children to learn key skills in a fun and engaging way. Children are encouraged to contribute their own ideas to planning, to displays and to begin to develop their own learning styles.
  • All our children are encouraged to aspire and will be supported in achieving their full potential. We strive to incorporate all children's needs within our daily teaching and aim to make sure that children have fun, memorable and meaningful experiences to allow them to make good progress across the whole curriculum.
  •  Resilience and self reflection are embedded in our approach to teaching, children are encouraged to reflect on and develop their own work and a strong emphasis is put on the processes of learning so that children do not fear failure but instead welcome new learning.
  • We teach children to ask and answer questions and to value and respect the ideas and opinions of others.
  • We spend time giving children the skills and information needed to become socially and emotionally aware of their own and others needs.
  • We expect children to be kind and thoughtful to others and do not tolerate unkindness or disrespectful behaviours.
  • The safety and well being of children and their families are given a high priority. We also ensure that children are given the tools and knowledge to keep themselves safe in an increasingly technological world, and to begin to understand when they are placing themselves in danger and how they can seek help.
  • We value parents and carers views and seek to become joint partners in your children's education. The children and staff are very proud of our wonderful school and would love you to become part of our community.